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Geometry Important Formulas

Geometry Important Formulas

These formulas will come handy in the competitive exams like IBA, BIBM, Bank Jobs, EMBA, BCS. So save these formulas & memorize them.


Sum of Interior Angles of Polygon = (n-2)(180)


n = number of sides of a polygon


Central Angle = 2(Inscribed Angle)



Square: A = a^2

Rectangle: A = lw

Parallelogram: A = bh

Trapezoid: A = .5(a+c)h, where a and c are the lengths of the parallel sides



π = pi = 3.1415


Area: A = πr^2

Circumference: C = 2πr

Central Angle = 2(Inscribed Angle)

Area of Sector = (x/360)πr^2




Square: P = 4l

Rectangle: P = 2w + 2l

Parallelogram: P = 2b + 2a, where a and b are the lengths of the non-parallel sides

Circle: P = 2πr




Area: A = .5bh

Pythagorean Theorem: A^2 + B^2 = C^2 where A = one leg, B = the other leg, C = hypotenuse



Cube: V = a^3 where a is the length of a side

Rectangular Solid: V = hwl

Cylinder: V = πr^2h

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