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A Message to the IBA MBA Aspirants

A message to the IBA MBA 56 aspirants:

I hope you are done with the preparation and currently attending MTs @ home or other centres. Now few things I would like to share

1. If you are scoring above 40 in MCQ then you are doing a pretty good job. So pat your back for that.

2. Now make sure that you score not less than 40% in each section. The higher, the better.

3. Suppose you are scoring 50% in each section. Now your endeavour should be to take the score beyond 60%.

4. While pushing to that 60% mark, tell yourself that you just need to get 3 more marks. Do not say that I have to get 18. Rather say to yourself that I just need 3. Because you already got 15. In the process, you will be able to reduce the pressure on yourself.

5. DO not get overconfident if you are one of the toppers. Trust me this is just an inspiration and a mere edge over the others. This rank does not guarantee a place in IBA. During my time, I was no way near to the toppers. However, I sneaked in. Interestingly, those who persistently ranked the 1st, 2nd, & 5th could not break the shackles of the admission test.

6. Be very aware of the time management. Try to finish ur MCQ part 3-4 minutes prior to the time. Make it a habit. This will help you in the test ins-sha-allah.

7. Put your onus on the writing. People having a good command over free hand writing, have been enjoying a serious edge over the others in the last few intakes.

8. Do not panic. Enjoy every bit of these days. Do not overburden yourself by reminding you that this preparation is all about a hectic admission test. Instead, appreciate your effort & labour. Tell yourself that you are about to discover a new horizon ! You are on the verge of becoming a better, improved human being. And let me tell you one thing if you have given your best already then you already are a better person than you used to be 3 months earlier !

Happy preparing !

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